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2 Day Trek

Dong Natad-Home stay in the spiritual heart of Savannahet

Location: Dong Natad Provincial Protected Area, Savannakhet Province, Lao PDR



  • Visit the spiritual heart of Savannakhet, That Ing Hang stupa, one of the most important religious sites in Laos.
  • Stay in the home of Lao family in Ban Thad village and enjoy traditional Lao hospitality.
  • Experience a traditonal Baci ceremony.
  • Wake up early and make merit by participating in alms-giving to the monks.
  • Try some of the forest products used for food, medicine, fuel, and other purposes.
  • Visit the beautiful Nong Lom and Turtle lakes.
  • Walk under the towering trees of a spectacular emerald green forest.
  • Learn about traditional village crafts including weaving, and making the mats and torches.
  • If you are lucky you may encounter monkeys which are considered sacred.


2 Day Trek: Dong Natad-Home stay in the spiritual heart of Savannakhet

1 pzx: US$ 95
2-3 pax: US$ 53  / pax
4-7 pax: US$ 42 / pax
8-10 pax: US$ 37 / pax
Maximum group size 10

Depart from: Savannakhet Eco-Guide Unit ( or pick up at Hotel, Guest house)
Start time:  8:00 am
End at : 4:00 pm ( Second day)
Duration: 2 day trek
Departure date: Daily

Activities: Trekking, Home stay

Grade: Easy trekking

Transport: Tuk-Tuk

Accommodation: Home stay

Meal: Lunch first day, Dinner, Breakfast and Lunch (4 meals), is local Lao food. A typical meal includes chicken, soup, sticky rice, vegetables and chili. Vegetarian food is available upon request.

What’s included: Hotel/ guesthouse pick up and all transportation during the trek,Transport to / from Savannakhet from other provinces is not included, Provincial and village guide service. All meals and home stay during the trek, entrance fee for stupa, Drinking water during the trek, contribution and village development funds, all tax and service charges.

Trekking Guidelines:

  • As parts of Dong Natad forest are considered sacred, please follow all instructions from guides and local people.
  • Do not hunt wildlife or damage plants.
  • Do not take products out of the forest without first checking with your guide.
  • Tell the guide if you see anything wildlife.
  • Do Not destroy or remove any ancient relics.
  • Never give medicine or food to villagers, particulary children.
  • Do not bring alcohol in to That In Hang stupa.
  • When visiting the villager's house, do not enter the owner's bedroom or touch the spirit altars.
  • Please ask before taking photographs.
  • Please remove your shoes and hats before entering villager's houses and That In Hang stupa.

Things to take with you:

  • Shoes for trekking (Running shoes are ok).
  • Sunscreen, insect repellent and hat
  • Cameral and binoculars (if you have them).
  • bathing clothes and towel (Salong for women)

2 Day Trekking Map

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