Ecotourism Guidelines

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General Trekking Guidelines:

1.  Guests must stay together and follow all instructions of the guides.

2.  DO NOT hunt, catch wildlife or damage trees and other plants..

3.  DO NOT take products out of the forest without checking with guide.

4.  If you see any animals or birds, please tell the guides..

5. DO NOT destroy or remove any ancient relics.from villages.

6. DO NOT give items such as medicine, candy, etc. to the villagers, particularly children, without asking your guides.

7. DO NOT take any alcoholic products into That Inghang Stupa.

8. Please note that in Ban That Inghang village, villagers are allowed to eat, but not raise, pig, duck and goose.

9. When visiting houses in a village, DO NOT enter the owner’s bedroom or touch the spirit place

10. Please ask before taking photographs

11. Please remove your shoes and hat before entering villagers houses and around the base of That Inghang stupa.

12. Please note that parts of Dong Natad Forest are sacred for villagers, so please follow the instructions from local people at all times.

13. Do not put your skirt or trousers on the curtain line or in places where people usually stay.

14. Please do not distribute religious or poetical propaganda

15.Try to support village income by buying new handicrafts.